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PingTung, Taiwan -- Alice in Dreamland -- 屏東,台灣 - 愛麗絲夢境

PingTung, Taiwan - Alice in Dreamland

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PingTung, Taiwan - Alice in Dreamland
Posted with permission of parent.
ALICE is far away in the field of her dreams playing with friends and laughing. She has just found a dandelion and blown it into the air, watching the hundreds of parachutes fly away in the breeze. A nearby brook gurgles and soothes her mind as she lays on the green grass while watching the approach of the White Rabbit.... far away she hears the words of mother calling, "Alice, Alice, Alice.... wake up now".

屏東,台灣 - 愛麗絲夢境
ALICE是遠在她的夢想和朋友一起玩和笑的領域。她剛剛發現了一個蒲公英,並吹入空氣,看著數百降落傘飛走之風。附近的一條小溪咯咯,也撫平她的心,她奠定了在綠色的草地,一邊看白兔的做法....遠,她聽到的媽媽喊的話,“愛麗絲,愛麗絲,愛麗絲....現在醒過來“。- Google Translated, sorry-- 這需要更正,但以後可以用來學習英語。
Alice- 愛麗絲
far away- 遠處
field of her dreams - 她的夢想場
playing with friends- 和朋友一起玩
laughing- 笑
dandelion- 蒲公英
air -空氣
watching - 觀看
hundreds -數百
parachutes -降落傘
fly away- 飛走
breeze- 微風
brook- 溪
nearby- 附近
soothes- 舒緩
her mind-她的想法
she- 她
lays - 放下
green grass- 綠草地
watching- 觀看
approach- 方法
White Rabbit- 白兔子
far away- 遠處
hears -就听
words -言辭
mother calling -媽媽喊
wake up now - 快醒來

Text by Dirk Ross. All Rights Reserved 2016.

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