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AL+ICE in a Dream Room State +ICE - ALICE在夢中房態+冰

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AL+ICE in a Dream Room State +ICE
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... Alike most any room, Alice in a Dream Room State was not much like the ordinary room. Alice in her Dream Room State decided to play +ICE.  +ICE is a game where you take the word and add one letter or more to make a totally new word. For example, she thought of Mother and took away the letter M and got the word MICE. Next she thought of something SPecial so she got SP and formed the word SPICE. Red was her favorite color so she took it and made RICE. She thought THRee times and made it THRICE! "It is a silly game, you know",  thought Alice, but one may never kNow, before she had said "NO!" she knew she had found it rather NICE. ...

...最喜愛的任何房間,愛麗絲在夢中客房國家不是很像普通的房間。愛麗絲她的夢想房態決定玩+冰。 +冰是一個遊戲,你取詞並添加一個字母或更多,使一個完全新詞。例如,她以為母親,搶走字母M,並得到了字老鼠。下一步,她想到了一些特別的東西,所以她得到了SP,形成了字SPICE。紅色是她最喜歡的顏色,所以她把它搞得水稻。她認為三次三而竭了! “這是一個愚蠢的遊戲,你知道”愛麗絲想,但有可能永遠不會知道,在此之前她曾表示“不!”她知道她已經找到了相當不錯的。...
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Vocabulary - 詞彙

Alike most any- 最相似任何
room- 房間
Alice- 愛麗絲
in a Dream Room State- 在夢中室述明
not much- 不多
like- 一樣
the ordinary- 普通
room- 房間
decided to play- 決定打
+ICE is a game - +冰是一個遊戲
where you take- 在那裡你拿
the word- 這個單詞
add one letter or more- 加一個字母或更多
to make- 使
a totally new word- 一個完全新詞
For example,- 例如,
she thought of mother- 她認為母親
took away the letter M- 搶走字母M
and got the word MICE- 並得到了字MICE
Next- 下一個
she thought of something special- 她想到了一些特別的東西

so she got SP- 所以她得到了“SP”
and formed the word SPICE- 和形成在字SPICE
Red was her favorite color- 紅色是她最喜歡的顏色

so she took it- 所以她把它
and made RICE- 並提出RICE
She thought three times- 她以為三次
and made it THRICE!- 並使其上三次
It is a silly game - 這是一個愚蠢的遊戲
you know- 你懂
thought Alice- 愛麗絲想
but one may never know- 但有可能永遠不會知道

before she had said "NO!"- 她之前說的“不!”
she knew- 她知道了
She had found it rather NICE.- 她發現了它相當不錯

c2016 Text and Story Dirk Ross. All Rights Reserved.

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