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ALICE in Taiwan- twinned with ice cream; what? -ALICE是Taiwan-孿生冰淇凌;什麼?

ALICE in Taiwan- twinned with ice cream; what?

ALICE is in Taiwan- twinned with ice cream; what?
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Alice entered the room, seeing an ice cream cone on the table she decided that it looked delicious so she began to eat it. Suddenly she looked across the room at the mirror and her twin Alice appeared, looking very similar but minus the ice cream. This was odd, Alice thought. Have I been twinned? When she woke up Alice was alone and her hands were sticky and smelled of strawberries... had she been dreaming and where was her twin Alice? Alice was very puzzled.

Translated by google translate.

Alice- 愛麗絲
entered- 進入
room- 房間
seeing- 看到
ice cream cone- 蛋捲冰淇淋
table- 桌子
decided- 決定
It looked delicious.- 看起來很好吃。
she began to eat- 她開始吃
Suddenly- 突然
She looked across the room.- 她看上去整個房間。
mirror- 鏡子
her twin appeared- 她的雙胞胎出現
looking very similar- 看著很相似
minus the ice cream- 減去冰淇淋
This was odd.- 這是奇怪的。
Alice thought.- 愛麗絲認為
Have I been twinned?- 我就一直孿生?
When she woke up.- 當她醒來時。
Alice was alone.- 愛麗絲是孤獨的。
her hands- 她的手
were sticky- 是粘
smelled of strawberries- 草莓的味道
Had she been dreaming?- 如果她是在做夢嗎?
Where was her twin Alice?- 在哪裡她的雙胞胎愛麗絲?
Alice was very puzzled.- 愛麗絲很是不解。

C 2016 Story and text by Dirk Ross. All rights Reserved.

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